①. This machine can fill and package with high viscosity, high tempreture and high precision.
    ②. Excaust gas to the utmost from pouches.
    ③. The sensibility and reliable of heat sealing are perfect and it looks very smooth.
    ④. Nearly all of machine body is made of stainless steel, and these materials which need touch with food are safely and have excellent corrosion resistant.
    ⑤. The structure of main body is stable, easy to operate through man-machine interface with multilingual support.
    ⑥. To gain the optimal packaging efficiecy, it can be compatible with different kinds of filling systems.
    ⑦. There are various choices of assorted peripherals you can select, such as printer and convey, and so on.

    This machine is broadly used in packaging liquid soup,cosmetics,cleansing liquid and mayonnaie,which require high filling precision.
    Filling Product Liquid & Paste
    Pouch Pattern Stick type
    Pouch Height Range 150-600mm
    Pouch Width 100-300mm
    Packaging Capacity 5-25pouches per minute
    (depending on pouch height,film composition,product property,etc)
    Filling Capacity 500-5000ml(depending on product property and filling device to be used)
    Applicable Film Width 230-630mm
    Maximum Film Roll Dia 400mm
    Power Consumption 3-phase 380V 7kw
    Air Consumption 300L/min(0.4-0.5Mpa)
    Machine Dimensions 2130mm(L)×1000mm(W)×2051mm(H)
    Machine Weight Approx.1600kg