This multi-lane type machine is designed for filling powder and granule, The sealing is made by double heating roller style and beautiful sealing will be obtained. The available roll width is 800mm and most efficient/economical production will be executed. With our own photocell control system, an easy print registration is possible.
    Especially applicable to packaging of all kinds of powder,granule etc.
    Filling Product Powder & Granule
    Pouch Pattern 4-side seal
    Pouch Height Range 2divisions 100-200mm
    3divisions 80-150mm
    4divisions 55-100mm
    6divisions 40-60mm
    According to the width of horizontal sealing pouch height range is different.
    Pouch Width
    Optional Item Auger Filler/Sliding Weigher
    Number of lanes
    Packaging Capacity 30-100 pouches per minute(1-lane)×lane amount
    (depending on pouch height,film composition,product property,etc)
    Filling Capacity 1-50ml
    (depending on product property and filling device to be used)
    Applicable Film Width Maximum 1000mm
    Maximum Film Roll Dia ¢400mm
    Power Consumption 3-phase 380V 8.3kw
    Air Consumption 300L/min0.4-0.5Mpa
    Machine Dimensions 2200mm(L)×2065mm(W)×2540mm(H)
    Machine Weight Approx.1950kg